Friday, July 6, 2007

Shoe Daydreams - Post 1

This is my first foray into blogging. Why jump on the bandwagon you say? Well, I have such fun reading several other blogs and I love when I see something new or unique there that I have to run right out and get it! Okay, mainly those "things" end up being shoes. And I'm sure my husband isn't thrilled that so many enticing objects are easily available to me (and my AmEx card). And I'm sure my mailman is sick of having to drive to my door to drop off ANOTHER package, but what can I do???

Seriously though, I have enjoyed reading the posts of these people so much. Plus, this gives me an outlet to talk about, obsess over and daydream about the shoes I like, have, want, just bought, etc., rather than talking about them all day long at work. They guys who sit next to me just don't seem to have the same level of appreciation.

What I am planning on doing is showing shoes I have, shoes I want, shoes I just bought and what I am planning on wearing with them. Plus any fun comments or compliments I get along the way. I do like finding other fun and unique things so, I'll pass that along too!

My latest purchase:

This is "Strawberry Patch" by ShoeMissy. A lovely girl in the UK embellishes shoes and they are so cute and sure to be unique! She also did a capsule line for a UK site called Dolly Dagger. I got these too:

When I saw these I was practically capering around my living room in glee! I can't wait until I get these!!!! They will be worn to work THE NEXT DAY for sure. hehehehehe!

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styleandsubstance said...

Welcome, Princess Poochie, to the ubiquitous world of shoe blogging! I click my heels in glee of your presence. In joining "the well-heeled" world of blogettes, please pass the word about the urgent need for NJ shoe parties to help collect shoes for the battered women's shelter in crisis.

Thank You!