Monday, July 30, 2007

Pretty in Pink... vintage

I think I'm sensing a trend here. I tend to like pink in my accessories, but I just noticed that I recently have bought quite a few shoes that are pink or have pink in them. I like how the color can be calming or really bright and shocking and goes elegantly with all black or becomes preppy with white and green.

I also love neat vintage shoes (see the post on La Rose). These first pair from Circa Sixty Three are a great example of his unique sense of design. How awesome are these pink, blue and gold wingtip pumps. Perfect cocktail shoes that can glam up any outfit they are paired with.

I found these cuties on Ebay for $15. They were made exclusively for Saks Fifth Avenue in the 50's or 60's. I love the pink braiding across the front.

These are another Ebay purchase. The description says the were for the "Young Elite" shop at Saks, in the 50's or 60's as well. They're probably ritzy kids shoes. I love the bubblegum plastic-y-ness of them.

These last shoes are a true find! I can't wait to get them (another Ebay buy). How gorgeous are these? These unique Italian-made mod mary janes were just $23. I've seen uber-designer shoes with giant buttons, and of course, the new Miu Miu multi-strap mary janes. I think the snake-skin, mother of pearl gianormous button and triple straps have them all beat! Plus, they look comfy too.

I luv luv luv Ebay! My mailman can vouch for that.


StyleSpy said...

This is the one great bonus of having petite feets like you do -- vintage shoes. My ginormous flippers never fit into anything at the vintage shops. ::green with envy::

Robin said...

I, too, am jealous over the vintage shoes - but also think that if I could buy the teeny guys I see in the thrift store, I'd be overrun with shoes.

The last pair are to die for. Miu miu straps, and the button/colour/texture is exceptional.