Monday, July 16, 2007

Classic cork

We are in the throes of summer and that is the time for seasonal shoe materials to get their time to shine. Rope, straw, canvas and seersucker get a lot of play but the material that I think is the most unique is cork. It's light, has a great texture, and, unlike the other materials, can be played up fancy or dressed down and casual. While espadrilles and flip flops say summer casual - cork can be crafted into a shoe that will make a statement at the most stylish event.

My favorite cork is used on this pair of Louboutins, below. Pair them with a belted white shirtdress or dress up a pair of jeans - summer doesn't get any more glamorous. There is a contrast with the soft but choppy sheeted cork, the gilded leather below and the vibrant red sole. It is a true marriage of materials and style that creates a classic shoe epitomizing the spirit of the season.

Nine West made their attempt at imitating the Louboutin with the Liatris below. As you can see, although the silhouette and shape is very close, the inferior quality of their cork in comparison to the above, makes for a vast difference. The balance is lost.

But even the master may stumble - with this criscross platform, all of the elegance and class found in the first example is gone.
And then there is that poor unfortunate shoe that should never have been made at all - Office's Wafa Cork sandal.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I tried those on at a local boutique, but they are terribly painful. Louboutins are narrow enough with the stretch of leather, but those don't stretch at all. I don't have wide feet, but they are just painful! I haven't been able to find a suitable high street imitation either. I even comtemplated suffering throughout the whole day in order to wear such marvelous, original shoes. I like how chanel quited the cork on the bottom. So unique. I think payless is doing an imitation of them. I haven't been able to find them anywhere online.

la petite fashionista said...

gorgeous shoe, but i'd be scared that they'd crumble apart or something :x

Anntonette said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Louboutins.....BUT...they are extremely painful unfortunately. Luckily enough, they're that fabulous I don't care about the pain, and I believe to look that good, it's a small price !!!