Saturday, July 7, 2007

Shoe Customization: Stripe Espadrilles

I have a lot of shoes and a lot of them are what I would call "stand out" shoes. Most of my shoes are not safe shoes. They're typically not neutral or practical and many times more art than function. I've also realized I don't have a lot of flats.

Over the years I've gone from searching out stand out styles to include higher end brands or even overseas. One of the new things I love are when designers do one off work or capsule collections (more to come on that). Then you know it is really unlikely that someone is going to have the same shoes on as you are.

The other thing that is fun is to customize shoes to get exactly what you want truly ensure you have a shoe unique to you. Shoe Missy, the designer I mentioned previously, inspired me to "make/embellish" a pair of custom espadrilles.
These were my inspiration from Topshop in the UK (about $75).
I also like the Christian Louboutin espadrilles that came is several colors (notice the little toe-cap - about $350)
Here is my base shoe, nearly identical to the Louboutin's, from Target (about $25)
After an hour or so and some red acrylic paint, here's what I ended up with (pardon my phone pic):
Pretty close and cute, huh? Since I couldn't change out the ribbon, I added a little red plaid heart button to the back of the ankle.
Voilia! I'm a summery peppermint with totally custom shoes just for moi!


la petite fashionista said...

awe, what a great diy job! love the blog! since you're a shoe expert i have a question for you.. i'm really looking to invest in a pair of manolos or louboutins.. is there any suggestions for finding them at a slighty deflated price (like 300 or less?)


Princess Poochie said...

Thanks for the comment!

I would say that your best bet is when Neiman Marcus gets a sale or there is an ebay seller - Be-Luxe who has a good selection and prices. Sometimes she puts items on sale. I got a really great pair of bright blue Louboutin heels from her for about 50% off.

I'm not sure what city you are in, but make friends with a sales person at Neiman Marcus if you have one near by or if you even visit one. I bought some Choo's from the Jimmy Choo store in Orlando. The salesperson now emails me pics of new stock coming and whenever shoes in my size go on sale. I'm in North Carolina, but they can ship anywhere.

I'm sure part of it is motivated by a sales commission but I hope she also recognized that I just love their shoes too. And that is why she is being so helpful.


Anonymous said...

wow.. you did so well! I didn't expect them to look so good because my diy jobs tend to look botched. I have those target shoes, but the ribbon that was sewn on detached from the shoe itself and I found out it happens a lot. I love the look of the louboutins, but espadrilles get so dirty easily, so I didn't spend the extra dollars. Nothing beats the craftsmanship of louboutins. I used to eat steamed vegetables not because I wanted to loose weight, but because I was saving up to buy more louboutins. That was when I was up in boston and the rent was excruciating.

Who is Poochie? said...

I so agree with you - about loving Louboutins and the dirt attracting powers of espadrilles. Mine did have a ribbon detach but I just sewed it onto the back tab and the button covered the stitches up.