Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Don't throw shoes in glass houses

I feel so official now – I got my first “hate” mail! An anonymous (???) e-mailer seems to have some concerns about me and my blog because:

"Could you be any more superficial? Talk about priorities -- you sound like someone who is totally self-centered and selfish and who thinks of nothing important."

I am responding because, well, how could I resist?

Dear Pot,

First off, I’m the one doing the writing here. What the heck are you doing? Why don’t you go get your own site and vent all you want?

Secondly… um, hello!!!! Superficial? Self-centered? Selfish? Heck, yeah I am! What are you, Sherlock Holmes? I thought you knew me. I don't think anybody would be surprised by that. Duh! And why shouldn’t I be self-centered when you obviously care so much about what I say and do.

And, maybe I’m confused about the concept. This is a blog about shoes! What kind of redeeming purpose are you expecting from a fashion blog that’s about shoes, buying shoes, commenting on shoes, shoes I want and shoes I don’t like? What isn’t superficial about it?

And don’t you come off a bit self-centered too since you sent this comment hoping it would bother me? Welcome to the club, baby! And thanks for giving me some great material.


(a.k.a. Poochie)

PS. Since you you’re so obsessed with me, why don’t you go buy a t-shirt from my store.

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