Friday, August 24, 2007

Comparing Contrasts

Walking away is a powerful act... yet it maintains a flirtatiousness. It can create a sense of mystery and give an invitation to "chase" with a single come-hither step. These ingrained responses are as old as time and an instinctive response.

Christian Louboutin leveraged an eons old practice of coloring the sole of the foot (shoe) red, thereby creating an extremely sexy shoe. But recently, this symbol is being knocked off more and more by other companies, either by using red as well or, in the case of Betsey Johnson and Irregular Choice, a pattern or another color.

I think that's why the YSL Tribute shoe became the new hot shoe of the year. The white heel against the black shoe really stood out and was sexy but I think in a less overt way. More sexy librarian than hot mama. I liked (and bought) the non-platform version. The sling-back is way classier. Quite a gorgeous shoe, no?

So obviously, everyone will want to jump on the bandwagon. With a style this popular, it is inevitable. But why stop with just black and white. There is a whole coloring box of color combos. Some good and some, um, not so good.

The Chie Mihara Oda Heel, with it's purple and brown combo on a retro-shaped t-strap, is kicky and perfect to pair with all of the browns for fall. It's a bit chunkier of a heel than I usually like but it pairs well with it's design and I think with brown ribbed tights could be very playful. Plus it looks really comfy.

On my "to die for" list is this Guiseppe Zanotti pony heel. I totally let this one slip through my fingers and I'm kicking myself for it. I mean look at the heel! I love love love a really spindly-looking, ultra-high heel. If it looks like I could break my neck in it, I want it. This shoe gives any Louboutin a run for it's money. I am just sick that I don't have this. There is a version done with a black heel too, but it, while still cool, does not compare to this one.

Miu Miu may have the design that is the nearest to the inspiration shoe, with their Vernice Pop Pump. But while the YSL is uber-classic, this shoe is hip and edgier. What's hard to see is that the sculpted, almost plastic-looking heel, extends up the back of the shoe. It's a really gorgeous graphic look. One that I am also wishing I had.

As I said, I'm sure we'll see a ton more color combinations coming out. We'll see how well designers do with them.

What I'm hoping will become available is the ultimate next step and a true evolution of the decorated sole... embellishment with Swarovski crystals as shown on the Valentino Couture show. If they do come out with these, which probably won't be until at least Spring/Summer 2008, I may just sell a kidney to get them.

Seriously, if I have to knock over a bank to get these I'm going to do it. If they don't make these in some form somewhere, I just don't know how I'm going to go on.

Please Valentino, please make them.

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