Thursday, April 24, 2008

All Tied Up... With Indecision

It's sunny today!

I actually felt like I could pull out items that are suited for warmer weather. Finally.

I've been rummaging in the back of my closets the past few days. We're planning on having a Clothing Swap at work, so I've been going through all my stuff for clothes and shoes to give away. Have you ever done a clothing swap? It's great. What were doing is - all of the ladies in the office are going through their stuff as well. We'll bring it all in one day and it's just a big free for all. Everyone just sifts through all the stuff and you take what you want. Then anything that's left over will go for donation. Since most people are just bored with their stuff, it's a great way to "recycle". We're going to have cupcakes and make an event out of it.

Anyways, I've been going though all my shoes too and have been evaluating those shoes that haven't received much wear and attention. Some are vintage but some are new ones that were great in concept but then not-so-great in reality - either because of fit or some style detail. I'm trying to be ruthless!

Anyway, there were a few pairs of shoes that are in the "maybe" pile right now. Today's pair being one of them.

The shoes in question are black satin ballet style heels. I wanted to give them a shot so I paired them up with an outfit in black and white with a flippy graphic skirt from Target and a new cross-bodice jersey top I got on sale at Ann Taylor. The skirt hits me above the knee so it goes well with the ankle ties on the shoes.

Okay, here they are.

They're not a fancy brand or anything. They're Colin Stuart and I probably ordered them from Victoria's Secret (before they got totally trashy) about a million years ago.

The "ribbons" are not actually satin ribbons but actually made of fabric so the bows are a little stiff. The reason these are up for debate is bacause of the shape of the shoe. What I look at them by themselves I'm not sure they thrill me. But when I see them on I kind of dig them.

The heel is pretty awesome and they are easy to wear. I don't get a ton of use out of them but when has that ever been a concern. They already have a home in the closet so that isn't an issue.

I do like them with this skirt.

I'm pretty sure they were inspired by of a pair of Chanel or Gucci heels if my memory serves. The remind me of the shoes that Carrie wore for the cover of her book in SATC (I need to find a picture of those to compare.)

What do you think? Stay or go?


RED said...

Stay. They already have a space in your closet and they do look AWESOME on. Plus they are fun and remind you (and me too!) of SATC, which is always a plus.

Katie said...

I LOVE them! If they go, please let them go to my closet! Come on, my birthday is in 13 days. Help a fellow blogger out! :)

Anonymous said...

Long time reader.. first ever comment!

I say keep them! They have a lovely shape to the toe and the heel and are in a classic color.

I think they would add a bit of humor to a work suit as well.

Keep 'em!


Shoegal said...

Stay, definetly! They look like Carrie's Gucci, but those were pinkish, I love them!

Anonymous said...

You know that you're going to find the perfect little dress for the holidays this year and think "I already have these amazing shoes that will go perfectly". Then you'll go look for them and remember you gave them away in the swap but not to who so you can't even go borrow them for the night.

Yeah, that's happened to me once or twice. There's a skirt that's MIA right now...

Anonymous said...

STAY. They really do look awesome once they're on your feet. And they look classic but not boring.

Princess Poochie said...

Thanks everyone! I do like a saucy ankle tie!

I've been clearing out shoes but I think these will have to stay.

Vanessa O said...

Would look sheik with the right cropped pant :)
Nice shoes