Saturday, April 12, 2008

High Glamour Weekends

Most of the time on the weekends, I'm not doing much besides errands or cleaning the house or letting the chickens "free-range". Now that we finally are getting some sun, I was to be found outside sweeping all the pollen and leaves off the drive way and letting the chicks run around.

Highly glamorous to be sure.

I'm holding my rooster Napoleon here. Love that fashionable plaid jacket which is actually the husband's and my protective gloves (which are rose pruning gloves - so he can't peck at me).

Even though I was not a big fancy-pants today, the flowers and trees look beautiful. Here's a few pics from the yard -

That's the side of the 100-year-old coop/stable.

The wisteria has really grown in the few years we've owned our house. Adding the arbor helped it since it can latch onto something. And it smells amazing.

Lots of butterflies and fat bumblebees out today.

If only I had something to wear as pretty as these.


WendyB said...

It's so cool to see your rooster! He's cute!

cybill said...

Thank-you for posting this it is just gorgeous, you seem to have the art of surrounding yourself with beauty - very inspirational.

gilda said...

those are such pretty flowers. you're really lucky to be surrounded by them. i wish i could have a cherry blossom tree, but well. i like in a 2nd story new york apartment. :(

and oh my god you have a rooster! that's so cute!

Princess Poochie said...

Thanks everyone! We're very lucky with our house, especially all the trees we have 4 holly trees, a pecan tree, a bunch of oaks including a HUGE one that is over 150 years old, some sugar maples, a small magnolia and a bunch of junipers. We also have some apple trees plus some other trees I'm not sure what they are. They're lovely and a big reason why we bought our place.

And my Napoleon. He is a character!


la petite fashionista said...

uhhh i want your yard?? this is absolutely beautiful:)what a wonderful place to live


Princess Poochie said...

Fashionista -
It's hard to have a yard like that in Florida, right?