Friday, April 18, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
After the high heels, I wanted to wear something a little more comfy. I had not had an opportunity to try out the Tibi ballet flats, so I thought it would be a good day for them.

I wore a blue and grey argule sweater and a black pencil skirt. The grey flats, of course, and my Tahitian pearl necklace.

There is another sweet story behind my necklace. I should take a picture of it, because the setting is kind of hard to explain.

One of the stops on our honeymoon was
St. Paul de Vence, a medieval village near Nice. We didn't really know how to get there but somehow we made our way. When we got there we were charmed by the different shops and restaurants, as well as the twisty cobblestone streets. The city also has an amazing cemetary and view.

This was the first stop on our honeymoon trip and we were enjoying visiting all of the artists and art galleries which are there. We came to this one tiny tiny store named Atelier Perles which was filled with Tahitian black pearls. Which I just adore.

Well, we were looking at all of the beautiful pieces when we spied this amazing pearl pendant in a case. The pearl was absolutely perfect and perfectly round - a deep glossy black with lots of blues and greens. The owner showed us how translucent it was by putting in a cup of water and letting the sun shine through it. The jewelry designer did not want to mar the pearl so the setting was made of a thin gold wire that kept it in place with its tension.

So, yes, I was all excited and basically in love with this pearl. We asked the cost of the pearl and the owner said X00. We thought, X00 francs, what a great deal. Then he said, no, dollars.

Yeah, we were young and ignorant, what do you want?

So, a little sadly, we put the pearl back and left the shop. As we walked through the town, I promise I wasn't moping about the pearl (the husband confirmed this). After a few minutes, he told me to stop and wait where I was for a second.

He then went back to the store and got me the pearl.

My Sweetie, he's a good one. Tell him I told you that. ; )

The Focal Point
I was looking for comfy shoes and boy, these are it.

The insole is very soft leather and the suede is very soft and delicate as well. And I love how the sheen of the mother-of-pearl buttons play off of the matte of the shoes.

They are nicely cut low on the sides as well. I can highly recommend them.

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Anonymous said...

you are all pearls from top to toe! Those shoes look sexy and comfortable, i'm putting them on my wish list.