Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

Yesterday I was at a photoshoot all day for my client. We were on location so that meant I would be running around and basically standing all day as we set up the shots and then took a million versions.

So, comfortable and simple were the rules of the day. I've been trying to wear red all this week. No, I don't know why or have a reason. Just because I guess. On Monday the weather sucked so I just wore a black skirt and a grey cashmere sweater with my red Target jelly flats. Not really inspiring. At least yesterday I felt somewhat presentable.

I wanted to add a bit of contrasting color, so I wore this little necklace from Target. I finally realized what it reminded me of. It is very "inspired" by Van Cleef & Arpels' Alhambra collection - although, obviously, not as finely done.

I decided to wear these Xhilaration flats. They worked out pretty well for being on my feet all day. A word of warning - these have no support at all, they don't breathe that great and the plastic-y edging was, by the end of the day, starting to rub a bit. They didn't cause a blister but I don't think I would wear them for that long at a time again.

They were cute enough but the fabric pattern is not as vibrant as I hoped. These may go into the "maybe" pile. I really, given that I'm maxing out my closet space, should only keep those shoes I am totally in love with. Which is why I pulled about 12 pairs to go for the clothing swap today.

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