Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
Finally, the rain has left us for a day and the sun is shining. It's warmer out and much more like Spring. I'm wearing a neutral silvery grey outfit but with bursts of bright pink as a fun accent color.

The top is a bluish silver and sort of shiny knit from Ann Taylore. The skirt is my warmer grey corduroy Old Navy skirt. The bubbly necklace is from Target, one of my new items.

The sandals are the Roy G. Biv slingbacks from Ashley Dearborn. She is one of the earliers independant shoe creators. Her whimsical designs really won me over and she's very nice to speak with. I thought these were especially appropriate today.

The Focal Point
I'm sure the change in weather had something to do with it, but really the colors all came from my eyeshadow.

I have two of Revlon's Diamond Lust eyeshadows and decided to wear the Platinum today. Everything just got pulled from there - not that I always match my clothes and make-up but the fun shiny feel was what I wanted to incorporate.

These are good eyeshadows by the way. I also have the "Grab Me Gold" which isn't too brassy or anything. It has a brown undertone which makes it a good color for me. I like the packaging too. They're worth checking out if you like the colors.


RED said...

I LOVE your blog. I love seeing what you wear - and I look forward to your daily "Ensemble du Jour". I esp. love the mix of high/lower price points (nothing like monolos and old navy) and the mix of vintage with new. You rock great color combinations and I think it's great to see someone who's not 'afraid'.I check here almost daily, just for your musings, but today I just had to finally comment. LOVE this blog.
I'm an architect, so there is room for creativity in the way I dress for work, what do you do that you can have so much fun with your work attire? I just have to ask because even though we have a lot of flex in 'office appropriate' I could not pull off half of your outfits. Jealous!

Princess Poochie said...

Hi Red!

You're so sweet! Thanks for your comments. I love mixing high and low. I guess I just don't see any reason why people wouldn't. I especially think good accessories can dress up an outfit but it may also help that I tend to go for quirkier things too, not totally classic all the way.

And I love color. I have sort of a palette but I just can't wear all black all the time - although I do think I wear it a lot.

As I mentioned here -

I do work in advertising but have worked in very very corporate companies with dress codes. In spite of that I still mangage to dress in fun ways. And I do have a large amount of client interaction. The biggest thing I've found is to just "own" it. I show up in whatever I'm wearing and don't act as if it's over the top (which I hope it isn't really) or too crazy. It does push the comfort zone a bit but most people, including my bosses and clients, know it's me. Now they tell me they look forward to it.

I try to be appropriate - not overly sexy or casual - but still have fun. I would wear a simple v-neck top, pencil skirt, tights and mary janes but the tights will be yellow and the shoes a bright pink. The only thing different is the color choice. It surprises me when I get a reaction from such a tame outfit as that.

Work it in slowly and if you feel comfortable with it you'll get the other folks there.


Robin said...

Oh, how I love you. All your recent posts have me seething with shoe envy. These are so lovely, as are the rose heels in the wedding post.

Princess Poochie said...

Thanks, Robin!

Once it warms up and stops raining around here I am going to be rocking those heels!