Thursday, April 10, 2008

They're Here! They're Here!

Today's a very special outfit because...

They're here! At long last I have the tea cup heels in my possession!

The Outfit
Thank you to everyone to gave their thoughts on how to pair up the shoes with my outfit options. In the end I went with all grey so the red would really stand out. But don't worry, I'll be wearing these often so I'm sure to hit the other selections as well.

The top is a v-neck grey cashmere sweater and a grey a-line skirt. A simple and clean backdrop.

I did struggle with the jewelry. I wanted to add in some gold but not be too theme-y or try to compete with the shoes. After pulling out about 15 options, I ended up wearing this vintage owl pin. The gold is very shiny as are the eyes. What I like is that the shine goes with the patent leather but isn't the same color.

Okay, who really cares about all that other stuff. Let's get to the shoes...

The Focal Point
Let's guess, shall we???

Here they are! Oh. My. Gawd! If you want the full effect, click on the images for huge versions.

They have a bit of the naughty about them, don't they. I'm so happy I got red.

I love the angle from the back of the shoes. So cute! They look good with the grey too.

These are not for the faint of heart. You can not escape notice in these.

The Miu Miu store called me yesterday too. They are also getting these in pink and white, but with tie over the vamp, which Saks did not have. They are quite tempting too. But to get another pair would be seriously going over into excess, right? But pink!
Must. Hold. Out.


Anonymous said...

Jealousy!!! Those are even more adorable on your feet than they were in the pictures. sigh. Pink might be overkill and send them directly into the "cutsie" range. Unless it's a strong pink...sort of a fuschia...then I might have to refinance the house and get my own pair!

Shoegal said...

They are adorable, so cuteee!!

Robo said...

Oh hotness of the hot! Pink would put them into Alice and Wonderland territory, which would be a bit much, I think. Red is much more ambiguous between the nice and naughty =]

Luxe. said...

They are amazing!

Robo said...

Oh, btw, I linked you on my blog as well --

Princess Poochie said...

Thanks everyone! I ended up having to go over to my client's showroom and had to walk all over. I think I was a bit "much" for all the sales people who were in town.

; )


Anonymous said...

They are just perfect, what comments have you have from your clients/co-workers on them? Also are they comfortable? they look like they might actually be made for real peoples feet.

Princess Poochie said...

Well, my co-workers and clients pretty much think my shoes are crazy in general so this was more of the same from them. I did get lots of admiration but in a way that is more like "oh those are cool" in a removed way, not "oh, I'd like to have those." They were comfortable. Maybe not for as much trekking around that I ended up having to do yesterday (looking at locations for an upcoming photoshoot and doing showroom tours) but for my normal day they would be fine.

These will be seen again soon, I'm sure!