Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit

I'm pretty neutral today. It's raining again and I just wanted to be comfortable. I'm wearing a black boatneck dress Old Navy, a ethnic-inspired necklace and green slingbacks.

The necklace, I think, was actually from Target, and is made of seed pods. I think it's cool and has a lot of movement to it.

The Focal Point
These Jimmy Choo Thunder shoes are among the favorites in my closet. They fit really well and I like their height and the color. They are goat leather, I believe, and a great dark green

The accent piece on there is a horn toggle. I used that to choose the necklace I wore today.

These poor shoes actually have encountered some hard times. I very stupidly injured the leather on the heel of one of the shoes. Then, one of the previous times I wore them I looked down at the end of the day and noticed that the metal cap on the horn toggle had fallen off!

But how is this for customer service. I called my contact at the Jimmy Choo store in Orlando to ask if there was any way possible to track down a replacement piece. In spite of these shoes being over a year old, they found one for me and shipped it to me! Amazing, huh?!?

I still have yet to fix this little piece and I have to see if my shoe guy can fix the tear on the heel. They're so pretty, it makes me sad to see them in less than perfect condition.


fashiontemptress said...

I'm a sucker for anything green....

Anonymous said...

Thats the trouble with gorgeous things, i'm always afraid of scratching or hurting them in some way. Glad to hear they could be fixed.

la petite fashionista said...

ah i would love to invest in a nice pair of jimmy choos.. once i make it to my first fashion week:)

love the necklace btw

Robin said...

How beautiful! I love the horn embellishment - gorgeous. So good that they tracked down an extra bit of metal for you!

Princess Poochie said...

Fashionista - It is a pretty neat looking necklace for a Target find.

Robin - They are great there. I alwasy call this one girl who is now in New York. She's really great about letting me know about sales and she helped me out with this. I love good customer service!