Monday, April 7, 2008

If you're going to turn some heads, why not break some necks*

So my Miu Miu tea cup heels are winging their way to me right now! I am so frickin' excited!

Now the only question is what I am going to wear with them since I will want to wear them the very second I get them. I'll probably change my mind fifteen times but I was playing around with some options on Polyvore.

I could go with all black in a mini-skirt which might be a bit sex-ay for work. Or a more subtle black pencil skirt with a jeweled tone top. Another option is a black v-neck sweater and cropped black pants to really draw your eye down to the shoes. A different tack would be to wear an all grey outfit. It would be a strong contrast and bit odd possibly with the gold trim but it could be genius.

Any suggestions?

*Thanks Luxist... great quote.


anastasia said...

Big fan of the second one. I love purple with red, but any non-red jewel tone would work (a magnificent deep blue, a rich non-christmassy green). Those shoes are hot-with-two-ts, but I can't bring myself to type out that word. Wear them well!

fashiontemptress said...

I think I have to agree and say the second outfit. It just seems like a natural match. I don't know if this is a turn off for you, but the coloring of that outfit brings to mind the coloring in Charlie and the Chocolate factory, which is totally a great thing in my opinion, "huge Tim Burton fan".

Princess Poochie said...

I LOVE Tim Burton. How fun would it be to dress Burton-esque everyday???

: )


emily said...

love the purple and the grey..

these shoes are definately one for display all time..
too bad you can't have an entire room for just your clothes and shoes, with display shelves for stunners such as these...

definately can't be resting your feet any other way than down when you wear them.. lol...

take pics when get them..

Princess Poochie said...

I WISH I had a display closet!

But I love my house, so I have to live with out a big dressing room for now.

Oh well...


Robo said...

Those are some hot ass shoes. Of the jealous. I like the pencil skirt or grey outfit for those. Maximum impact, non?

WendyB said...

Lucky you! I love those shoes.

Anonymous said...

I'm throwing my vote in for the grey outfit. I can't believe you got these shoes, you are SO lucky

Princess Poochie said...

Wendy - I just home they don't pinch!