Monday, April 14, 2008

Imitation = Flattery?

One of my earliest posts, I showed this gorgeous peep-toe heel from Alexander McQueen. A more sedate version of the sandals, they still have this amazing lush feeling from the billowy roses fluttering around your ankles.

Why haven't I worn these yet?!?

The McQueen website doesn't have the best photography. You can see the roses better in the dusky pink version, which I also love and am sorely tempted by. Are they not gorgeous?

Well, as with all good things, they will be copied. And the copies will be a sad pale imitation of the originals. Coast in the UK has come up with their version of the heel, called Anjolie. It's trying, I'll give it that. But you can see the roses are no comparison and the heel shape is not as elegant and delicate.

Here it is in a bolder magenta. They're about $170 plus shipping. It also comes in a gold.

The version that that is a more "party-ish" version are these rosette embellished sandals from Hale Bob. I actually don't mind these in their own right. The materials look kind of cheap but they could be fun. I'd pay $30-$35 or so for them if I saw them at DSW.

Too bad they're $119.
I think I actually like the green better than the red but that color is sold out. Not that they had my size anyways.

We've been seeing embellished soles and stylized heels. This is just a new evolution in shoe design.
Just as "It" bags have become more and more decorated, so are shoes. It is being said that shoes are set to supplant bags as the main status symbol. Do you think they will become overdone before they even get to that point (not that I don't think they are in many ways already)?

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OMG; I'll take the dusky pink.