Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I think I'm SAD

I think my wardrobe has Sesonal Affective Disorder and it's making me have it too.

It's no wonder April has been called the cruelest month. I feel like the weather has been trying to trick me. The lovely spring and summer clothes and shoes have been in for a while but they just sit there, unworn, while the chilly skies and dreary rain comes down. The flowers are leaves are out but we can't go out and enjoy them.

Instead I'm still wearing dark greens and browns and dark grey cardigans and tights.

I tried to rebel yesterday by wearing my gladiator-esqu sandals, since I didn't wear them with my dress for the bridal shower. But today I'm wearing black patent flat mocs since it's rainy again.

What I want to wear are cute bright pinks and whites and greens. I think, as the description of the SAD symptoms says, I'm craving sweets.

So what better cure than to look at all the girly shoes from Sugar. I love the bright pink plaid fabric.

They're ever so Irregular Choice but I still like them. Especially the stripe-y ones.

These are my favorites though. They look like lollipops!

Maybe if I had these I would be able to perk up a bit.


fashiongeek said...

I understand. I live in a section of our state that is overcast 75% of the time (no really). But lately we've been having abnormally good weather esp. for this time of year.

So I sent you good vibes for sunny warm days made for wearing cute sandals!

jinnan-tonnyx said...

this is the 1 pair of Irregular Choice that I have - these shoes always makes me smile:


Princess Poochie said...

Jinnan -

I love the shiny orange! They look wicked!

jinnan-tonnyx said...

Thanks! You can't see it very well in the pic, but they have a crackle finish going on there too.

Anonymous said...

I think the last pair would be very good for cheering your soul, especially if you could find a matching umbrella.

Princess Poochie said...

What a fabulous idea Cybill!

I have a Hello Kitty umbrella but a pink and green stripey one would be awesome!


M-L-E said...

love these shoes.. ;-)

what do you think of the Naughty Monkey line as well?