Monday, April 28, 2008

Designer Focus - Daniel Green

I was sifting through the vintage shoes on eBay the other day and saw these amazingly decadent boudoir slippers that rivaled anything coming from Agent Provocateur or Victoria's Secret. The shape was a retro heeled slipper and they were the perfect accompaniment for the vintage slips that I am loving.

I love the almost cupcake swirly-ness of this rosette.

The Daniel Green brand has a history that goes back to 1881, when he saw factory workers wearing shoes made of leftover scraps of piano felt to keep their feet warm on the cold floors. From those humble beginnings, the company grew. It started with Daniel and his brother creating shoes in a room over their kitchen to selling over 75,000 in their 3rd year of business. Pretty impressive!

In my opinion though, the company must have been in their heyday with the styles from the 40's - 60's, which are most of the ones you see here. The colors were rich and I'm just in love with the ruffles. They almost look like shoes from the French court of Louis the XVI.

Here's a peek at some of the gorgeous pairs I found on eBay. Can't you see someone like Lana Turner or Marilyn Monroe swanning around in these and a negligee?

I got a pair of red ones like the ones just above - with the tulle and button - and a pair with the stain ruffle rosette.

You can even see the decadence in these more house slipper styles. The shape is more conservative but still with sumptuous details and fabric.

The sad thing is that the styles of the Daniel Green shoes have seemed to age as their early clientele has. The company is still around but they are much less sexy than they used to be. Maybe in the 1960's and 1970's it wasn't cool to wear feminine boudoir slippers so they had to adapt to keep going.

But now is the time to reclaim them. And eBay has some great pairs, many of which are pristine. And the cost is cheap. Usually around $15 or so. Maybe if they become big sellers again we'll see a return to the glamorous styles. If anything, you can have a lovely satiny girl-y slipper to pair with your seduction ensemble.


Katie said...

i love that second navy ruffle-y pair! it's so lush looking. by the way, i tagged you! see my blog for details. . .

Princess Poochie said...

Thanks Katie!
I'll check out the tag rules!

fashiontemptress said...

I'm a big Daniel Green fan from way back! I have a pair like the red satin ones but in ivory. In fact I just had some pinup photos taken in them! But I'm always on the lookout for more of them. You can never have to many pairs of slippers!

Nantine said...

I like very much the black prada with the strange and so nice heel!

An American Girl in the UK said...

I love these shoes!! I'd love to find a pair to wear for my wedding!!! Plz advise on where I can find these gems!! Cheers!

Princess Poochie said...

Hello American Girl!

These are pretty easy to find on eBay. Not sure about on the UK version but on the US, yes.

Just search by his name or in the vintage shoes section.

Good Luck!