Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
I haven't been inspired by my last few outfits. And it's still cold out! I'm worried we're going to go straight from cold to hot and not get any nice Spring weather where we can open our windows and get fresh air in the house.

Anyway, since I was cold today I decided to wear tights and a sweater. I hadn't worn these royal blue tights from JCrew so they made the rotation.

The tights are bold so I wanted to be pretty simple with the jewelry. I just wore my blue glass pendant necklace.

I did want to wear shoes that would go well with the tights and the black pencil skirt and v-neck sweater. I didn't want to be shiny with black patent, rather I wanted to be muted so I went for black suede. I don't have a lot of suede heels and these may be in in black.

The black Louboutin Yo Yo Zeppas have a platform which makes them high but actually comfortable. Since the red, black and blue are all equally strong colors I think they pair well together.

I think they look good together, don't you?

Louboutins all fit me different. These are 35s and are a bit loose in the heel but my cork ones are 35.5s and a bit narrow. The blue Helmuts are 35.5s and are really big on me.

The Focal Point
The color of the tights really stands out to me and that's what inspired the choices - either that or the cold weather can be to blame!

Blue and black, like brown and black, is often considered a "No-No" but I like these together. Maybe it's because the blue is so vibrant. I think navy and black would be more challenging.


Robo said...

I LOVE the cobalt blue tights! What a fun colour, and the black sets it off nicely. The Louboutin peep toes are awesome by default. *Sigh* One day I, too, will have a pair. Nicely done!

Anonymous said...

Ooh I like this outfit. Its elegant but with quirky details and I think I have a chance of copying it - good one

Princess Poochie said...

Cybill - you could totally go off of this idea. Bright tights are going to stick around I think and I made the necklace from a glass pendant at Michaels. I'm sure any number of black heels would work well too.


Robo said...

Btw, I think I am officially addicted to your blog. I love your "Ensemble du Jour" features, and I think we're kin in tastes. Hurray!

Princess Poochie said...

Robo, It makes me very happy to hear that! Taste Twin Stars! Yeah!


Luxe. said...

Those shoes are yum, especially with the tights!