Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On a scale of 1 to 10... They're a 20!

As I may have mentioned, I have a deep and abiding love for two words - "limited edition." And when they signify a truly limited item, not just as a marketing ploy, I get very interested.

That is the concept of the site 20ltd.

Each of the items for sale on the site are unique, special or limited editions. They are sourced by the founders of the site and each are created exclusively for 20ltd. It is a privately owned company and not affiliated with any commercial organization.

The site rotates the featured 20 items frequently and when they are gone, they are gone.

I've known about the site for a while but hadn't checked it lately. Imagine my surprise and delight when I recently visited and saw these amazing Louboutin Mouche Zeppa peep-toe heels as number 14.

They are made of a light turquiose silk and antique lace.

The edition run for these is only 35. That means there are only 35 made like these in the world.

And yes, my heart pined for them. I love the color, love the lace, love the height. I schemed for ways to get them. But, even though they are not priced above a standard Louboutin price, I felt that must resist.

But that doesn't mean that I still didn't desire them...

Imagine my surprise when the sneaky but delightful husband told me he had a surprise for me yesterday. He wouldn't let me know what it was and teased me about it for a day but when I got home he had me sit down and cover my eyes. When I opened them, he had placed in my hands a boxed tucked in a silk bag with the 20ltd logo on it!

It was the coveted shoes! Any they were spectacular. The even came with Certificate of Authenticity documents, also in their own 20ltd bag.

They are the most delicate shade of blue just a smidgen away from a Tiffany blue.

They are a little bit loose but I think I can fix that. The smallest size was a 35.5 so they are just a bit loose on the heel. They are not overly narrow either, as some Louboutins can be.

I had to think of what to wear them with today. It's not like I could hold out!
I really wanted to pair the blue with red, so I ended up wearing my Luella Go International jacket which has a small stripe in the same blue. The denim skirt grounds the brighter colors. I also added a vintage clear rhinestone brooch for some sparkle.

Talk about fancy girly shoes!!!

I am totally spoiled!
BIG smooches to my Sweetie!


Robin said...

Lucky duck!
Those shoes are amazing, I was drooling - I can't believe you got them as a present! So spectacular. I love the colour and the lace. Wowza.

Robo said...

Aw how cute! God bless your hubby for paying attention and fulfilling your shoe desires. Those are hawt shoes, and I am of the jealous because I heart Christian Louboutin.

Oh, where did you get the denim pencil skirt from? I am in search of one...either that or a denim tulip/trumpet skirt. Thanks!

Princess Poochie said...

He is good like that!

Robo - The denim skirt I wear most of the time is from Target but I just got one from Gap which is very pencil skirt-ish. It was about $49 and should be up there because I just ordered it.


Katie said...

oh my god! you have the best husband EVER!

cherrybomb65 said...

Wow!! Beautiful. Way to go to my little brother.

love ya and miss you

Miss Elle said...

The amount of jealousy I feel right now is inhuman! Gimme! =)


Princess Poochie said...

Hi there my S-I-L!!!

He did good! I was so surprised!


WendyB said...

Most beautiful shoes ever, and what a great guy you have!

Marie said...

Wow!! Lucky lady!!!!