Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Decisons... Decisions.

I have a wedding to attend this Summer and I'm thinking I may wear my new dress from Target. It's sort of casual but the color and detailing give it a dressier edge, which I think will be a perfect match for the style of wedding this is going to be.

The question is, what shoes do I pair it with? I'm not sure if' we'll need to be walking through grass or not so I'm leaning towards wearing heels but there are a few options to choose from, each of which will give the outfit a different feeling.

The options, starting from the top left, are:

The Jessica Simpson Hardie peep-toes. The circles go well with the embroidery and they have that neat graphic look.

Prada "flower heels" black satin peep-toes. Elegant yet also a heel to stand out. A dressier option.

The next option are the YSL "Tribute" slingbacks. Simple, elegant, but not boring. It would be more about the dress than the shoes, although they hold their own too.

The most sensible in the bunch are my Old Navy sandals. I wouldn't have to worry about walking in potential grass or anything and the shine makes them dressy enough, but they're just flat. Miss out on an opportunity to show off my heels? Maybe I'll bring these as a backup.

The JCrew satin mary janes are great for a wedding but they might be too conservative. I like pairing a really colorful shoe but the pink satin might be too staid with this dress.

Alexander McQueen rose-embellished anklestrap peep-toes. Will this be the perfect time to finally wear them????

And last but not least... I don't have these Kate Spade heels, but boy do I wish I did. I just love them. They're dressy but the ribbon is grosgrain so they're not too fussy. These are the perfect pair, right? Then I would need to buy them!

What do you think? One of these or any other inspired ideas out there?


anastasia said...

I vote Prada, but mostly because I am obsessed with those.

nookie said...

i would definitely choose the Kate Spade heels!

you are right they are the perfect pair!

Anonymous said...

I vote for the Prada flower heels. They say: 'Yay, wedding, flowers!' to me. Bring the flats as a backup.

Anonymous said...

My vote is for the McQueen peep-toes. Those shoes are gorgeous!

fashiontemptress said...

Being that I have ULTRA feminine taste, I'm going to have to vote for either the Prada flower heels or the Kate Spade heels. But I would definitely bring the Old Navy sandals as a backup.

emily said...

the prada, with the flat sandals as a backup in case you have to change half way through. ;-)

lady coveted said...

i can't believe i'm going to say this, but the j crew mary janes are lovely...

i just love pink shoes!!!

Princess Poochie said...

I love pink shoes too!


jalilifer said...

I would choose the Prada or the Kate Spade, if heels are practical. If walking though the grass is part of the day, then I'd go with the flat sandals. High heels and soft earth do not make a happy combination, for me!