Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Weekend Warriors

I was never that big into sneakers. I pretty much wore classic Keds Champions all growing up and still do (white or navy only).

But I also totally dig Converse Chuck Tayors low-tops and high tops. They're just as classic but are sportier, less preppy. And while I have white and off-white, I think I like the colors even better. Gap has a great range of the colors this Summer with a great blue - very in line with the Color of the Year, a muted red - a hold over from 2007's COTY, bright yellow and a perfect-for-summer grass green (currently being seen all over the place this year). I like the light black low tops on the bottom left too.

Of course, my red pair from the Fall are awesome too.

I've also seen some done in silver and black sequins which I may just have to get. It will be hard to decide which color. Both are delish.

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