Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blast from the Past

On Sunday a local group was putting on a Summer Solstice Celebration which included vendors and bellydancing and face-painting. They invited people to come out and dress up.

I was debating dressing up all princess/pixie but in the end opted for more of a Victoriana-inspired idea. I already had these petticoats, for lack of a better description. There are actually two of them. The bottom white one is multi-layered and very fluffy and ruffly. The top one is tulle edged in black lace. I wore a portrait collar jacket and a black straw top hat/riding hat with a long black satin bow down the back.

I also had these funky striped stockings that remind me of the Can-Can.

Not a great set of photos, I know, the lighting in our room here isn't great.

The back of these boots lace-up all the way, much like a corset. I little saucy, I'd say!

So we drive all the way over to the event and are getting ready to park but it was not well organized. I guess the pixies aren't good at traffic control.

Also, we, uh, did not see a bunch of folks dressed up. Yeah.....

So we decided to drive down to the other lot and see if we could get a closer look and tell if anyone was dressed up. There were a few folks but there was no parking to be found. As we talked with someone working the lot it started to pour down rain. We were like, the heck with that, and decided to head back.

Just for fun we wanted to get something to eat so we went to the bistro just up from our house. In our "outfits". I mean, we looked awesome, right! So we walked into this little restaurant where they know us, in these get-ups. It's funny when you see that look on a person's face that is obviously "Okay, what the h**l do we have here?"

They thought we were a bit nuts I'm sure, but I don't mind looking a bit silly. Actually, I liked my fluffy skirt, stockings and boots, so I didn't mind. I'm not saying I'm going to wear this to work or anything.

But you never know, right?

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WendyB said...

Very Moulin Rouge!