Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
Well, I bumped my toe over the weekend and had to redo my pedicure so I decided to go with a nice bright red. Since I do wear red polish all the time, I wanted to take advantage of it by wearing some super cute red shoes.

I'd have rather been wearing a cute red printed tee and a short white pleated skirt. But I have to be an adult and go to work, so I wore a white 3/4 sleeve v-neck and a white linen skirt.

I wanted to counterpoint the sweetness of the shoe with more Asian-influenced accessories. I'm wearing my Christmas gift birdy necklace along with a cinnabar bangle.

The Focal Point
My bright red pedicure influenced all the choices! These are my cute gingham and floral red and white sandals I got to wear with it.

I've had these for ages but I don't get to wear them all that often. Typically I wear them with cropped jeans but it was just too hot for that. I got them from Victoria's Secret a million years ago before they got totally trashed out. They're a little country but I just adored the mix of patterns and the ruffle-y strap across the toe!


Anonymous said...

I love this sandals, they basically scream "holiday time"! I can see them walking in the streets of a tiny french town ...ok it's enough, I have to stop immediately!

Oh, I almost forgot: I talked about Manolo's Something Blue in my blog and I linked you to the post!


Princess Poochie said...

Thanks Shoeplay!
I'll be sure to check it out.


M-L-E said...

so cute and summery! ;-)

yea, so what the heck happened to VS? used to really enjoy their clothes and shoes, now they just stink.. poo..

Princess Poochie said...


Their stuff used to be cute and sexy not sacchrine and skanky. Not sure what happened over there. It is disappointing because you could get some cute things that were not boring. Now I rarely even go in there or look at a catalog.