Friday, June 13, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
I was all dressed this morning and on my way to work. I had planned on wearing my Alexander McQueen skirt from YOOX, then, as I started to leave I felt something hitting my leg.

Yeah. It was the stupid security sensor tag!!!!!

And I can't take the frigging thing into a store to get it taken off. So, as much as I wanted to wear it today, I had to do a last minute switch to what I actually wore.

I pulled out this little skirt from Anthropologie and my scoopneck tee from Target.

What I liked about the skirt was the feather pattern and the overlapping pieces of fabric with distressed edges which give it more of a texture matching the pattern.

I also added one of my new Target beaded necklaces. I like the texture but this does tend to lose little fibers as you wear it.

The Focal Point
I can't say that I have one really because I was so annoyed by the stupid stupid tag. The skirt pattern set the tone for everything else. I haven't worn this skirt since last summer and I may have actually worn these sandals with it. Hmmm...

These cute Jimmy Choo sandals have a funny story with them. We were visiting Orlando with my in-laws a while back. I love the Jimmy Choo store there and we just had to pop-in to see what they had.

Uh oh, big sale.

I was trying on these leopard print sandals and another pair of these cafe au lait sparkly sandals and just couldn't decide which to get.

My M-i-L surprised me by saying she would get one pair so I could get the other. Whoo Hoo!

As we were paying the hubby and my F-i-L walked in and essentially were like "Aaack! What's going on here?!?"


I had to profess my innocence. I swear I didn't do any mind tricks or anything.

Then later that night they were asking us how much the shoes cost (always a dangerous question, right?). When we finally 'fessed up, my F-i-L said, "I thought the would have been more."

I said, "Let's go back to the store right now!"

Aren't they delightful? I soooo love them. Thanks again, guys!



fashiontemptress said...

Wow, what a cool MIL, wish I was that lucky! But at least the FIL and my hubby spoil me.........

Princess Poochie said...

She is awesome!!!

Much love for the MiL, FiL and the Hubby!


susie_bubble said...

That skirt is divine...

Princess Poochie said...

Thank you Susie!

Coming from a skirt connoisseur, such as yourself that means a lot!


WendyB said...

Your little piggies look so happy in those shoes.

gilda said...

oooh sexy!