Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
More stuff from the back of the closet! I had bought nearly the whole line Proenza Schouler did for Target and then wore barely any of it. Now since I'm trying to wear more dresses, I thought it was time to give the purple dress a go.

It's a little "boob-licious" or Kirstin Dunst-esque (as the hubby said, referencing the lack of support. Nice.) so I had to wear the cardigan over it. I was going to wear it anyways since it's so darn cold in my office!

Apparently the color looks good on me because I had like five people compliment me on this dress and it's not like the more interesting elements of the bodice were all out there.

AsI was wearing this more office-y, the cardigan is my dark charcoal one and so I paired it up with my Katie & Kelly ombre grey peep-toes. Since they're open they aren't too heavy for the dress.

The Focal Point
I think it was all about the color today. I like wearing that dark purple. I'm going to have to consider working that into the palette more. That and dark green seem to get a good response.

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gilda said...

ooh peeptoes!! i've always wanted a pair but never got around to buying one. i love the pop of color your nails bring to it. can't stand it when women wear peeptoes without painting their nailS!