Monday, June 30, 2008


Oh Stella, Stella, Stella

I want so much to like you. I like your whole philosophy and the fact that you haven't sat around on your butt sponging off your famous dad.

And after hearing how you bantered with Kathy Griffin I can't help but love you a little bit.

But seriously. If you keep abusing our relationship in this way, I'm going to think you have no respect for our relationship.

Do you secretly hate me? Or is this cry for help?

What explanation could there be for these???

They're bad my dear, just so terribly bad.

And polyester? Couldn't you get a nice cotton or something? Do they even allow polyester into Italy? Isn't there some kind of quarantine at the border?

1 comment:

M-L-E said...

wow.. how could she go from those pretty summer shoes to these monstrocities.. everyone has a bad day i guess.. poo.