Sunday, June 29, 2008

Giving Target Another Look

I was at Target today and had also received a new promo email from them about the new Romantic collection in the Go International line. So the evil empire was doing its best to influence me.

So I'm trying to over expose myself to everything to keep me from indulging on the site. You know, really soak it all in. And they're quite a few new options to tempt me. Click on any of the images to take you to the online page. I haven't seen any of these in person (some are on Online Exclusives) so in-person quality is an unknown.

These cute t-straps come in black and grey and brown and creme. They'd be great with dark tights for winter and fall.

These would be fun with some dark slacks or jeans.

Red double-strap mary janes. Can't go wrong with these, no matter who makes them. So now everyone can have a pair.

These tweed kitten heels are perfect for the office. I'd like to get a skirt with a large scale plaid that has this tone in it, a nubby brown sweater and some wool tights.

I'm not sure how good the gold on the heel of these looks but I like the cream and black combo and the big strap and buckle.

These seem very Queen Michelle to me. Tough, strappy, classic. I could see these on someone wearing really really skinny jeans.

Yellow and grey look so fresh together. Plus, the ruffles remind me of Loeffler Randall elements.

When did Target get all snazzy? Look at these funky snakeskin wedges? Where did those come from?

Miss Bubble? I think these would be fun for you to dress up. And dress down. And all around.

These little peep-toe pumps have a Betsey Johnson element to them. I think it is the adorable floral pattern.

Metallic snakeskin - very Nine West which are very Dior but for even less.

Target's Skylar pump. Now in a cute cute cute black with white polka-dots. I have the patent version and they are very cute - plus you don't have to worry about messing them up.

These azure chunky sandals will still be great for summer with the floaty and floral dresses. Plus could be fun with tights transitioning into fall.

Almost all of these come in different colors, so check them out. And if you see them in person, let me know.


Tracy said...

Beware the Target shoe! Obviously ymmv, but the few pairs I've been taken in by have left permanent scarring. A pair I took to travel with (trip with moderate walking) I ended up throwing out while abroad. Still, these are cute...

Princess Poochie said...


I agree that these are probably not the highest quality. And you should definitely give make sure they don't hurt your feet!


Anonymous said...

I have the double strap Mary Janes in black leather and grey patent - love, love, love! They are very comfy and I've worn them all day without problems. I've seen the black and cream pumps with the gold heel in person and thought they were nicely done.

Target has much more on their website than in the stores and I usually order on-line. You can return almost anything to any of their stores, though, so shopping is relatively painless.

fashiontemptress said...

I really like the true d'orsay brown and tan open toe pumps, plus the fact that they have the classic sculpted heel is nice. I'm SO tired of the one sided d'orsays, totally defeats the point and the completely straight heels that everyone has been stuck on are starting to wear on me as well. Too bad Target shoes wear blisters on me!

jinnan-tonnyx said...

I got these last week
(in a store, which is weird because they didn't show up online until today)and they are pretty comfortable and super cute. They have an internal platform in the front and more cushioning than Target shoes usually do. I know these are a knockoff of a knockoff etc. but since there is no way I can afford the originals, or even the knockoff...

I have these too, which I love, also comfortable and cute.

Princess Poochie said...

Oooh j-t,

Good choices. I especially like the second pair. I've seen them in a teal to which I think is especially pretty.