Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ready to Tango

Even though Style-Spy beat me to the punch with her post on these, I just had to give a huge shout-out to Mnsr. Louboutin for these amazing red satin Passementerie peep-toe pumps.

I mean, Hot Damn! These are expensive, yes, but they are the true meaning of an investment heel. You could wear these forever and you will be assured that no matter what event you go to, you will have the best pair of shoes in the room (unless I'm there, of course).

These could be worn with a ball gown, a cocktail dress or jeans and a blazer. Or if you ever need to jet off for a night of dancing you will be ready to go.

If anyone wants to a.) buy these for me, just let me know. Size 35.5, or b.) get me these and then take me out for dinner and dancing, just send me an email!

: )

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WendyB said...

Those are sex-ay.