Friday, June 27, 2008

Week In Review

Since I've been slack in the outfit recapping department lately, I thought I would put a few of the latest ones in one big post.

The other day I wore a really comfortable green wrap dress from Target. Mine was a bit lighter green than this one but it conveys the idea. I wore a white camisole under mine just to be safe.

I wore my green jade bracelet and for shoes I wore my Sinamon sandals from Nicole Brundage.

My favorite part of these shoes are the pinked edges to the straps.

They're also very interesting due to how the straps wrap around. They are attached to the heel, go over the instep and twice around the ankle.

Yesterday I was very casual in my denim pencil skirt, a lavender tee from the Gap and my Jessica Simpson silk madras wedges.

Yes, I know. Jessica Simpson shoes. But, hey, I like the colors and think they are cute. I've come to grips with the shame.

On Wednesday I wore one of my favorite outfits. A simple 3/4 sleeve white knit top with the Mizrahi huge peony print skirt. I just love love love the giant floral print on this. So big and bright and pink.

For jewelry I wore this dainty littke necklace made of crystals and pink topaz briolettes.

For shoes I wore these little fabric mules from Kate Spade. These are back when I thought Kate Spade was doing some really fresh, unique and pretty designs. I have this same shoe in two other fabrics - a tan & black zebra and a muted mulit-stripe. But this is my favorite of the three.

And these shoes are a testament to how I treat my nice shoes with care. They are a very light color fabric shoe. You'd think they'd get dirty very very easily. And they could. But I've had these shoes for at least 9 years. And while they may be due for some new heel taps, they are almost pristine.

Kate Spade - make more pretty things like these again!

I also like how they fit right on the front of your foot. They're almost retro slipper-y in shape and, I think, ultra-girly. Another version of flower feet.

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fashiontemptress said...

I love your mules! When are mules going to come back into fashion? I want to buy new cute ones!