Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

Thursday was the first day of really really hot weather for the summer.

The Outfit
I wore a new v-neck fitted tee from Gap in the loveliest shade of lavender. And, I don't wear a lot of pants, but I did just do the "seasonal switch" with the closets so I'd pulled these out and wore them. They the Proenza Schouler Target khaki and white striped tuxedo pants. They're very light so they were a good option for a very hot day.

The Focal Point
Well, I built the outfit around wearing lavender and so I wore these Marc Jacobs heels that I've had for about 5 years to so. I don't always like Marc's shoes. I sometimes think the front is good but the heel is to weird or chunky or conical. But the colors on these are so delicate that they offset the heel shape.

I bought these because of the polka-dots, of course, and the laveder leather edging and knots.

Not that the heels are a bad shape. They do taper down delicately.

They have that sassy retro Marc Jacobs shape too.

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