Sunday, June 1, 2008

New York, New York - Day 2

Sooo, where did we leave off? Here's Day One to check out.

On Wednesday morning (Day Two) I was off for my main reason to come to New York - a conference for work. I figured it might be chilly in the Times Center all day so I wore a denim skirt, my JCrew tee with the sequined crest and a dark brown corduroy blazer. For shoes I wore my Franco Sarto heeled sandals.

They actually ended up being pretty comfortable because I walked for blocks in them and they didn't bother me. Plus I got quite a few compliments on them.

The conference ended at 5pm so I was able to hit a few other stores that I had not been able to the day before. One of the main places I wanted to go was to Town Shop. After reading reviews of the service there, I decided to see what advice they gave me. This place has been around since 1888 and many of the sales people have been there for decades.

Well, I walked in ready for anything and was helped by a lovely woman who made me feel instantly at ease with her professionalism. And she told me, like most women, I was wearing the totally wrong size. I'd always gone for a larger band size and a smaller cup. When I was the opposite, a bigger cup was needed and smaller back! Imagine that! I tried on one of the bras she brought me and then put my shirt over it to see. The change was amazing. I felt plumped in a good way! I was so happy I bought two bras on the spot. And they're elegant womanly bras, not saccharine pink Victoria's Secret garbage either. I've decided I'm totally done with them.

If you get the chance to go, I obviously recommend the store!

From there, I wasn't far from an actual Manolo Blahnik store. Now, granted, given the other day I should not have gone there. But I couldn't not go, even just to look.

Yeah, I'll admit it. That was a mistake.

The store is a tiny boutique and very simply designed. I saw a few shoes I knew but there were many not carried by the major department stores.

I tried on a few adorable pairs but ended up getting these brown linen Toluk mary janes with dark brown edges. Very very comfortable as well. And, seriously, I don't have a ton of brown shoes. These I did end up taking with me since I figured I could fit one shoe box into my bags somehow.

After that I took a cab through the park and went over to the Maison du Chocolat store on Madison.

I'd been dying to get some macarons and I succeeded. I got a big variety pack and am still eating them. I also got a bunch of dark chocolate pieces mainly with ingredients like ginger, tea and honey. They were also delish!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day so I walked from Maison all the way to the subway pick-up down by The Plaza. I then returned to the apartment to order an Indian feast to be delivered to my door.

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