Sunday, June 1, 2008

New York, New York - Day 3

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After staying up way too late the previous night, it took some doing to get up the next day. As it was, we didn't get going until mid-day. I wanted to stroll through the park because the day, again, was unbelievably gorgeous.

Wanting to be outside and maybe have a cocktail, we ended up at The Boathouse in Central Park.

It was the perfect place to be for the next few hours. We grabbed a tall table and ordered a plate of fruit and cheese. My friend had a vodka tonic while I had (quite a few) Kir Royales. Being that I don't drink all that often and somehow I got the idea that four (!!!) Kirs were somehow in order, I was a bit tipsy (hic!) as we left the restaurant.

I'm not going to say I was drunk but it may have been less than a great idea to try and figure out a new subway line while being tipsy AND late to meet up with Miss Gala Darling at Magnolia Bakery for an obligatory cupcake tasting.

It was early afternoon on a Thursday and yep, there was a line. But still, we were chatting and in no rush.

I have the Magnolia Bakery cookbook and have tried to make their cupcakes and icing before. It wasn't my favorite icing of all time, but I was game to try an original. We got in line and grabbed our box and each took two cupcakes. I got a chocolate chocolate and a red velvet. Don't they look tasty?

I started with my chocolate one and I have to say, the icing on it was pretty darn good! Very fluffy. If you want more images, check out Paris Breakfast's post here. We sat in a little park across the street and chatted as we enjoyed our treats.

After that we walked around a bit, saw Carrie's steps and stopped in a Batch for another cupcake sample. I got us both a cupcake - mine was lemon with a lemon curd center (I ate it later and it was delish!).

We went into a novelty store and looked masks and then went to a Marc Jacob sample store. After an hour or two we both had to run off to other appointments but it was really great to meet her in person. She's a sweetie!

During the day, I'd been wearing my red Gap v-neck light sweater with my denim skirt and my red snakeskin Manolo mary janes. I walked all over and I have to say, I think these were more comfortable to wear than my flats.

That night we went to dinner at Ruby Foo's - Uptown not Times Square. It wasn't bad. I'm not sure if it would have been my pick but this was sort of a "thank you for letting me stay" dinner so I didn't do the picking. The restaurant itself was nice but it kept playing really bad 80s music. Not sure what that was about.

To dinner I wore my sequin skirt from YOOX and a simple black v-neck. I had my black heels but ended up wearing flat more since we walked all around for a while. We stopped into a small clubby bar and had a final night cap. I got a St. Germain, which may now be my new favorite drink. I love champagne and I live elderflower presse. What could be a more perfect drink!

That night I was up super late. I was not scheduled to fly out until 7pm on Friday but when I woke up I was missing home a bit. Since I'd been able to see much of what I wanted, I decided to push up my flight. I got a flight home mid-day and am now back with all my new goodies.

I love New York, but I think next time I'd prefer to go with the hubby. New York is such a beautiful city filled with unique and romantic opportunities. It was a bit sad to be there with out him.

UPDATED: I forgot to mention that we did see a bunch of girls going to the midnight (?) showing of SATC movie. There was much shrieking and wearing of their best SATC outfits and shoes. I'm kind of glad that I wasn't a part of that group.

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that really sounded like a nice fun trip! and you got to meet Gala.. ;-)
very kewl.. ;-)