Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hello! Anyone Home?

So, I've been bad and slack about updating everyone on my New York trip. But I have good excuses, I promise.

1. I was staying with a friend and did not bring my computer, so all my "stuff" wasn't available. I really needed to pack 6 pairs of shoes and about 9 outfits for a 3 night trip. So room was at a premium.

2. I started to feel a bit crummy on Friday and actually paid to fly back a few hours early. I got home and just crashed. I think it was staying up past 3am most nights but still getting up at 6-ish, plus way more food (and alcohol) than I was used.

3. We had to go to a wedding out of town yesterday. On Friday night and all day Saturday I was unpacking and doing the "Seasonal Switch" then I had to get ready for the wedding. We didn't get home until late.

4. I actually didn't take photos of my purchases yet. I need to do that RIGHT NOW so I can give you the complete download, which is up next.

Updates to follow asap!


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