Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
A while back I stated how adorable I thought these Suley heels were from Manolo Blahnik. In person they are even more sweet.

I wore this on Tuesday and I kept it pretty neutral on the outfit. A khaki linen circle skirt and a v-neck 3/4 sleeve white top, both from Tar-get.

For jewelry I wore this two-tone vintage bangle in pink and green and a shiny pink diamond ring. It's starting to get very warm around here but in my office it's freezing. I actually had to put on the jacket that I keep in the office. Brrr!

The Focal Point
The shoesies, of course! The color combo is delicious but I love all the interesting details - the scalloping, the buckles and straps on the front and back, the pink stitching and edging. Here are tons of pictures for ya!

Isn't it kind of funky how they look when viewed from the top?

All images enlarge huge!

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