Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
This was the outfit I was envisioning when I first bought this dress. I finally have all the pieces - a wide brown belt, a delicate yet substantial necklace and accessories and strappy brown sandals.

The Focal Point
I love the dress - its light and comfortable and the pattern is fun. Plus, it's a dress! And I'm happy I'm finding dresses I like.

But it's all about the accessories and the texture. I've gathered the pieces and they work well together. The bronze-y beaded necklace...

a chunky wood ring...

the wide leather belt and these faux-croc strappy sandals from Franco Sarto...

I wore these sandals when I was walking around New York, for blocks, and they were comfortable. That's pretty surprising for sandals, I think. They were a DSW buy and well worth their discounted price! Now I think I need a similar style in black, since these are getting so much wear this summer.

If you have any favorite shoes, let me know!


Hannita said...

I love this look! I am, sadly, freezing my butt off in South American winter, but I live vicariously through your summer ensembles :) I like to do a similar look with some sandals I bought in Rio like five years ago - platform, strappy mules that can be borderline trampy, but with a crisp safari outfit are just plain sexy. The accessories you have make it all come together so well!

Princess Poochie said...

Thanks Hannita!

The swap of seasons is so odd, isn't it. But with fashion who their seasons are all over the place too.

I'm looking for some good South American shoe designers. If you know any, please drop me an email.

Thank you.