Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Avarice and Greed

So I'm headed out to BlogWorld New Media Expo tomorrow housed in the most artificial town I know - No... not Orlando. Nooo... not L.A. Okay, okay. Las Vegas.


Since I have a lot of work to finish and packing and traveling, I though I would leave you with a short story about someone just as fake.

Dina Lohan.

Normally I don't give a crap about celebrity or celebrity lines but this is just really pushing any level of feasibility. How can the CEO of this company even talk about her new shoe line (?!?!?) with a straight face.

As reported by NY Magazine (oh, and bolding is mine):

The Paradox of Dina Lohan and Her New Shoe Line

Dina Lohan, “The Most Famous Mom in the World” according to the press release, appeared at the Trump Tower to discuss her new shoe line for LoveMyShoes.com this afternoon. Aside from us, a handful of tired-looking reporters and a couple of nice ladies serving cheese and crackers on paper plates attended. A few tabloids, fittingly, were scattered on the floor. DiLo was introduced by the CEO of LoveMyShoes.com: “After 30 years, this is one of the most important days in the company’s history,” he announced, which makes you wonder about the history of this company. LoveMyShoes.com is trying to head in a more sophisticated direction, he explained, so who better to head this mission than Mrs. Lohan? Lohan took the stage in leather knee-highs, a black skirt, and an Alexander Wang vest.

“I’m wearing YSL, I buy Gucci,” she said, later adding, “We’ve all been affected by the recession — I’m hurting, too, whether you believe it or not.” Since Dina is now focusing on affordable fashion, everything in her shoe line will be under $100. She plans to offer sexy styles for pretty young things and more sophisticated shoes for grown-ups and moms like herself. Dina confessed she's “paranoid” about what she wears, because the press often slams her for dressing too young. “Lindsay sent me pink Ungaro heels,” Dina said. “‘Mommy, you look so hot in them' — we bickered about it. I can’t wear those. I’m old.” (Today she wore knee-high boots.) So will her daughter, now gamely employed at the high-fashion house of Emanuel Ungaro, ever collaborate with her on a line? “We’ll see,” she said, adding that her daughters would at least advise her on this collection.

So, back to talking about Lindsay: “She’s just a little girl and God gave her this gift. She’s just trying to create. She did great in Paris, don’t believe what you read. She’s genius at fashion.” Talking to an Access Hollywood reporter on camera, she continued her pleading: “It’s just evil. When I was 15, I wouldn’t go to school with a zit. Imagine walking through an airport and seeing that on the covers of magazines. Please, talk about me, but not my girls. They’re just gifted, and the press has been so hard on us for the past five years. They’re little girls — please keep their personal lives personal.” This reporter wouldn’t stop, either: What do you think of Michael Lohan exploiting your daughters? What’s up with Lindsay, etc. etc.? And, seeing Dina nearly tear up for a minute, we got it: This was a mother, after all. A woman trying to protect her baby cubs from the “evil” vulturelike press. And then the Access Hollywood cameras turned off, and Dina exhaled, gave said “evil” vulture reporter a big kiss on the cheek, said “Love ya!” and clicked away in her YSL heels.

Vomit. (That was me, by the way)

Thank you Mike Vilensky for a perfect take on this nonsense.

I beg of you. No matter what these look like. Please please please do not buy anything from this line of shoes.

If it ever sees the light of day that is.


WendyB said...

I love how Dlisted calls her "White Oprah."

Dissolved Girl said...

God, she is such a loser.