Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ensemble du Jour

I was really impressed and inspired by the Kate Spade Fall Lookbook. These clothes are totally in line with how I would like to dress this Fall. Cute. Whimsical. Filled with flirtatiousness and color. I actually think these would be really doable by Target too, don't you think.

But since the prices for the Kate pieces are pretty high, I'm going to have to try and recreate this wardrobe myself. I do have some graphic pieces already and I love colorful tights so I think I can make this happen... with maybe a few additions.

One thing I wanted to try was the whole mid-calf/knee-sock look done both by Kate Spade and by JCrew this season, especially when I found some really bright red socks I had after switching my closets this past weekend.

I'm not quite sure how I feel bout the skirt look but, hey... I'm willing to look a bit ridiculous for a day.

The top is from Anthropologie from about 5 - 6 years ago (I love this neckline detail), the skirt I just bought from Target and the peep-toe patent shoes are Target too.

Here's the outfit sans socks.

A little more boring. More "normal", less quirky. Maybe more flattering but I like the bright pop of red better. Maybe taller socks next time or trying this calf or ankle sock & heel combo with cropped jeans or pants. What do you think?


CB said...

no, no, no, no.

If you're going to do socks, make sure they come to your knee. And the socks with cropped pants? NO.

WendyB said...

It's true! The Spade look is very Poochie!

Amy said...

I think you're on the right track, but the socks should be a bit higher (and the skirt a bit shorter), and it would be ideal. =)

CompassRose said...

I'm with Amy. Shorter skirt, taller socks, either knee high or above the knee. Possibly also a pleated or A-line skirt, and socks that are a bit more decorative (those look like trouser hose). I do this look all the time, and have never found the proportions entirely successful with a pencil skirt; it makes your knees look sort of cut off and lonely.