Friday, October 23, 2009

Ensemble du Jour

It has been a busy busy week. Coming back from Vegas I had to plunge right back into work and my campaign! Yep, I'm running for town office so I have to be all political.

Don't believe me? Here I am getting grilled in "candidate forum". I hope you can pick me out.

To look all trustworthy and candidate-y I wore a black cami, pencil skirt and tights, my dependable Aerosoles buckle shoes, paired up with my favorite JCrew Astrid jacket in bright blue.


On Wedneday I finally got to wear my new vintage band jacket. I know I'm late to the band/military jackets trend but I'm picky and this was the first one that really met my criteria with fit, color, embellishments and cost. So, yeah, I love it.

The style of this jacket is open so I wore a cami underneath.

Worn with new toothpick jeans from JCrew (which I think I need a size down) and my Ann D. boots.

I will be wearing these boots forever. I just can't get over them.

Yesterday I had a client meeting so I was back to jacket and skirt

I've been wanting a velvet jacket (still looking for a green one!) and loved the soft grey color of this one from JCrew. It from this season if you like it and it comes in other pretty colors.

I'm all about pencil skirts now. I used to love a-lines and wore them all the time but the pencil shape is so flattering and versitile. This purple tweed one just came from Target.

The jacket was such a soft snuggly grey I knew my equally soft and delicate Head over Heels bird pumps.

It's been a busy week. Today I'm wearing brown and orange and looking 1970s... images soon!

What do you think? Liking the more outfit images? I'm trying to be better about taking pics.


kristophine said...

I do like the outfit pictures--I love your jackets!--but, and this is just my personal opinion, I find just one or two outfits per post easier to read--3 or more and I start losing track of what pieces went together. On the other hand, I have the attention span of a goldfish. Good luck with your run for public office!

Damia said...

Love the outfit photos! You definitely inspire me to dress nicer & cuter :)

jennine said...

wow! if only all politicians were as well dressed as you!!!

WendyB said...

I'm going to MOVE just so I can vote for you!

lisa said...

All such great outfits! I love the sense of whimsy and fun you bring to your ensembles. Good luck with the campaign. :-)

meghan said...

i've been reading your blog a long time and i love the addition of outfit posts! you look great. your style is really versatile, from the triple laced ann d boots to dainty grey pumps - and i think that is great to show your readers!

queengilda said...


(please wear them when you go run for office. hahahahah!)

and YES to making something for your vintage epaulets!! that would be amazing! thanks for thinking of me!

Rhonda said...

Oh, I do love your great velvet jacket and purple skirt outfit. I'm trying to put more purple in my wardrobe and this gives me some great ideas :)

Mary P. said...

It is all so cute. I've always loved that JCrew Astrid jacket - and I've been wanting a velvet or at least velour jacket for a while now. Keep looking so snazzy!