Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ensemble du Jour

I really really really should never go to eBay... or I should go all the time. I tend to go on for a while and find a bunch of amazing things and then avoid it for months to a year.

When I do stop back by it feels like kismet because I find just wanted.

Like these Prada spat boots from S/S 2008. I really really wanted them for ages and suddenly found them!

Meant to be worn with dark tulle

Obligatory blogger twirl!!!!

The long tulle skirt is from Express about 10 years ago (really!) and the black top has sequins on the sleeves. It's from Ann Taylor.

I didn't wear it the whole day but I liked walking around with an Em and Sprout bunny on my head for while.

I'll put more shoe pics up on Flickr.


WendyB said...

jealous jealous jealous jealous jealous

Michelle said...

LOVE the shoes/boots. LOVEEE them.

Pipuchi said...

I love that cute rabbit hair-band!

arts said...

So lovely! cute rabbit hair band!!.. I want you..

SEBBYWOOD;; said...

These boots, with seamed stockings, hot hot hot. In fact, their hot anyway.