Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
On Monday I decided to push the envelope a little bit and really start wearing the knee socks more, so I wore my '06 JCrew tan sweater with the lion crest (with little orange crown to tie back to the bag), a brown skirt and tan/taupe knee socks from SockDreams.com.

The Focal Point
This whole outfit is to bring out the colors and the quirkiness of the Miu Miu brogues with the ruffles.

I debated about wearing lavender socks but the browns and tans all worked together. My socks were a little chunky (they were the O Lovelies) but they stayed up well. I would like to wear a shorter skirt with them, but maybe when it gets more to Spring.

That is the good thing with these shoes. Even though they are for Fall, with the chunkier heel, the colors are delicate enough to work for Spring.

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