Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ensemble du Jour

So as I mentioned, we were doing a bit of post-holiday shopping today so I actually had to get dressed instead of loafing around the house in either my yoga pants and high school sweater or my bathrobe.

We were going to a very nice but open air mall and since it is about 46 degrees and overcast (improved from drizzly) I wanted to be warm but comfortable. And be able to walk around potentially lugging huge bags of goodies home from the shops. Sooooo.....

The Outfit
I wore my Gap jeans (of course), a JCrew charcoal cable knit v-neck sweater layered over a blue camisole, black glitter flats from Target, and my faux-fur Mizrahi coat and quilted black gloves. Plus, my crazy heart necklace from Etsy.

These shoes are very comfy and kind of festive but because they were so inexpensive, I don't worry if it's raining out or them potentially getting wet.

The Focal Point
But the focal point has to be one of my new Paraphernalia necklaces from Etsy - the Anatomica Red Heart Necklace. I have received so many comments already. People can't tell what it is at first and then they think it could be a tattoo. It's just so fun!

As you can see here, it's pretty big and hits the middle of my collar area perfectly.

I got another necklace and a bracelet from this shop. They have the most amazing things. A little odd but totally unique. I just adore them!


Daniela said...

I was looking at the sparkly flats at Target. How did those feel after walking about all day? I was thinking of adding them to my wardrobe when I visit Chicago in March. Do you think they'd be comfortable enough to walk about all day in the Field Museum?

Princess Poochie said...

They are very comfy. I wear them all the time. They are a little loose on me so they don't rub either.

Have fun at the Field Museum, it's really cool.