Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I ♥ Sales

Well, we went and shopped.

What we were supposed to be out shopping for were new dog beds for the pups and kitties, a new sweater for my oldest pup (since he's all knotted up and I'm going to have to give him a haircut and he's going to freeze), and some kitchen stuff from Sur La Table (yes, I desperately needed a new butane refill for my brulee torch, it's been hell having to broil our Christmas grapefruits, and I need CO2 cartridges for my whipper and, yes, I needed to get Rose and Lavender extracts to possibly make some yummy cupcakes and frosting!). And we got all those things including the two largest dog beds I've ever seen. I think I could sleep on one of them comfortably.

But I also stopped into JCrew (it's right next door!) and they had all this stuff marked down and then they were taking an additional 25% off! I'm serious!

It was absolutely crazy in there since it's always overcrowded no matter what. Finally the hubby went to sit outside as he was bored out of his mind and couldn't find any of the stuff I was trying to get him to help me track down. But I did end up with a bunch of stuff, all marked down really well including:

Sequin Crest Tee - marked down to $15 (from $49.50)

Black V-neck sweater with sparkly silver Scottie - marked down to $38 (from $78)

Postcard Merino Wool Cardigan - marked down to $53 (from $110)

Vintage Glitter Critter Waffle Tee - marked down to $15 (from $39.50) Mine's actually Scottie dogs and one Scottie is gold.

Sparkle Tartan Madeline blouse in Midnight - marked down to $15 (from $78)

Sparkle Tartan Madeline blouse in Pine Green - marked down to $15 (from $78)

Burlington Tartan Mini - marked down to $45 (from $98)

Pretty good, huh? A lot of these are available online but in limited sizes. And I've noticed they are going fast, so head over to the final sale!

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