Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Le Sigh...

I have a new objet d'adoration.

I enamouré avec these perfectly lovely Marc Jacobs patent pumps.

The color is just delectable. A perfectly pale peachy-pink. Well worth a sentence filled with alliteration.

They are so dainty and graceful and delicate.

I love the adorable rounded toe!

Why, oh why do they start at size 6 instead of 5!


K said...

These are divine. Just divine. Of course, I'd need you to come over to my house to help me actually assemble an outfit to go with them. I'm miserable at that and you're the bee's knees!


Princess Poochie said...

I would LOVE to. How much fun would that be!


Chloé said...

The colour and shape is just divine...the round toe is shaped to perfection. Wonder if they're in the shops anywhere here in Paris? I was in Galeries Lafayette last week but don't remember seeing them in the Marc Jacobs display so maybe they would have to be ordered online. Do you think you could pair them with pants too or do they look to you like they do to me and they're so pretty they can only go with skirts?

Princess Poochie said...

I think if you wore them a la 1940's wider leg pants and a slim top with shorter poof-y sleeves.

But skirts and floaty dresses would be the best.

What would these look bad with? I can't think of much. They are so gorgeous. Let me know if you get them!