Friday, December 21, 2007

Imitation = Flattery?

Earlier in the Fall I was looking around for some strappy mary jane-esque shoes to wear with all of my new tights and knee-highs, etc. and remembered that Nine West had some tougher looking buckle shoes. I ordered two pairs, got them, tried them on and decided to return them.

I knew they were knocking-off some shoe and at first I couldn't think of what they were. But then I remembered... they were the Chloe Triple Strap Pumps.

I think these are kind of pretty, but even though are are on sale at Net-a-Porter (30% off from $650), I don't like them $455 worth. But I do like the cream and gold.

These are the Nine West Cascada heels that I bought:

They actually fit pretty well and I think they would have worked out but I returned them. The metal strip on the base of the heel was not well done. It looked more like it was metallic tape just stuck onto the heel.

I think if they had left that off they would have been a lot better, as I liked both colors. If I had kept one of them it would have been the grey. I do think I prefer the two straps to the three on the Chloe shoe.


shoe_lova said...

love your blog! I saw these at Banana Republic and it reminded me of the heal on the shoes you mentioned. They're not a Mary Jane, but they're pretty classic.

Princess Poochie said...

You're right. I don't often check BR for shoes. I guess I should start!