Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
Well, I liked the dusky purple skirt yesterday, I wanted to keep in the same color scheme. But that cardigan was soooo warm. So today's outfit is much comfier (no skyscraper heels) and less warm.

I wore my royal purple cardigan from Target with a teal-blue camisole underneath, a black skirt and the comfy-coziest black tights from Target (I think - they're so awesome and now I can't remember where I got them! Dang!). The chunky oxfords are a old old pair from Nine West. I can't even find a picture of them, but they are great. I've worn them walking all across Paris and London and they go with skirts and jeans and give a great nerdy-librarian vibe.

The Focal Point
I really wanted to wear purple because of this - my knitted cowl from Lubee on Etsy.

It's so cute. I mean who can resist the pretty colors, sequins and long lush lavender ribbon?

Mmmmm, cozy... Plus it's practical too!

It kept me toasty warm and goes really well with my cinnamon brown overcoat.


gilda said...

that's really pretty!!!

Princess Poochie said...

I know. I love it. She does great work! Check her out.