Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ensemble du Jour

So, yesterday's ensemble was kind of "safe" compared to today's - not that I'm pushing too many boundaries! Geez!

It's that darn Target! I really need to stop going in there but I had to! And of course, what would it hurt to look around for a few minutes, right? Well I wandered in to the sock department and there were more cute soooocccckkkksssss! Sparkly Silver and Gold! Whoo Hooo!

The Outfit
Sparkly silver top (more sparkly!), dusky purple skirt from VS, Silver sparkly socks (of course) and a dark grey cardigan from Target. To really amp up the sliver, I paired the sparkly socks with the burnished metallic silver Miu Miu double strap mary janes

Cardigan -

Oh yeah, and a stack of these bling-y bangles, also from Target -

The Focal Point
SIL-VER!!!!!! (in my best Yukon Cornelius voice) -

My legs lurv the sparkles!

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