Friday, December 21, 2007

Ensemble du Jour

Even though the Candlelight event at Biltmore was less than our favorite thing during our trip, it did give me an opportunity to dress up a bit. Since it was kind of chilly I didn't get to wear any of my new open-toe heels. Also, we were going to be doing a bit of walking so I needed warmer and somewhat comfortable shoes.

The Outfit
I paired a long black skirt that I got a while back from Nordstroms. What I love about it is that it isn't just a plain long skirt. It has a very neat back design that gives it almost a train. I paired this with a v-neck top from Ann Taylor. The black top has sequins on the cuffs going up the arms and is v-neck front and back.

I paired this was low-heeled calf length boots from Bandolino. They're simple but comfortable and give a sleek look under the long skirt.

The Focal Point
The focal point was to be sleek in all black. It was quite chilly so I had to wear my heavy long cinnamon colored coat over my outfit. While we were looking at the shops at Biltmore, I found this beautiful huge silk flower pin.

I know big flowers are going to have a bit of a resurgence give the SATC movie but I would grab this anyways. The fabric has a beautiful lustre and it is about 6 inches wide. I pinned it to my coat but I can see wearing this on tops, with belts, in my hair, on a bag, really anywhere.


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