Friday, December 7, 2007

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
I'm feeling a bit uninspired today, so this a pretty neutral outfit and very much in my "uniform" of sweater/knit top, skirt and heels. Yawn.

The sweater is the blue/grey/green/white argyle from Target (one of the 4 I bought) and the Mizrahi pleated denim skirt. To pick up the green lines I'm wearing an emerald necklace on a silver chain.

The Focal Point
We need a bit of flash, so I'm wearing my distressed Guess heels. They are the flashier version of the grey in the sweater, but also a neutral. And the distressed finish make them unique.

They are pretty high with a small but I luv them so I overlook their sins.


Jenny said...

Your silver guess heels are what inspired me to buy the Skyler silver heels from I must figure out some more combinations to wear them with.

Princess Poochie said...

That's so great! I have the Skylar heels in black. They're comfy and go with so many things.

Silver is a great neutral. I can barely think of a color it doesn't go with. I'm sure you could wear them with a wide variety of outfits.