Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
I'm back from my ordeal of having to stand around in the dirt for three days, and I'm kind of pooped. So, while I could have been more ambitious and worn my really cute pink ponyhair heels with this, I said "screw it" and wore my pink Mizrahi driving mocs.

Top is a printed Mossimo boatneck paired with a grey denim skirt and the aforementioned mocs.

The Focal Point
Okay, it's not about the shoes today (although they are very cute and pink and comfy) it's about my fun printed shirt. The pattern is light grey, burgundy and pink on dark grey. It's really thin and the boatneck is comfortable. Since it's about 75 degrees here I didn't want to wear anything heavier.

Doesn't it look kind of snake-y?


enc said...

That top is so cool, I had to look twice!

Princess Poochie said...

It's only about $10.50!

Or click the top picture