Thursday, December 27, 2007

Target Spring 2008 Preview

Target isn't wasting any time with getting you excited for Spring. They have a ton of new shoes in their Spring Preview. There is a pretty wide variety styles including flats, skimmers, heels, wedges, wellies, thongs and sneakers. You can find some dressy styles and casual ones too.

But on the whole, I wasn't overly impressed, just as I wasn't overly impressed with the Hollywould line that they did for the holidays.

The Bad

Loeffler Randall is their designer line for Spring. And I hate them. I saw some of them in stores today and they look really crummy.

They have these Rosette Ballet Flats in Rose, Gold, Black and Brown - $29.99

I really hate these Cinch Flats which come in Gold, Rose, Black and Brown - $29.99. I think they look like 1960's old lady house slippers.

I also saw these Mossimo Danae Peep-Toe Pumps which come in giraffe, zebra, "natural" linen and black patent for $26.99. These are bad knock-offs of Steve Madden knock-offs. They look clunky and are not well done - they look better in the picture. If you see them in person, let me know what you think.

I don't like these Xhilaration Tera Sandals in black and white floral either. Tacky. $17.99 is too much for them. They come in a multicolor print and a "natural" color as well.

In theory these Merona Amber Chop-Out Flats (nice name) are cute but in reality the material isn't that good and they are kind of clunky. They are $22.99 and come in Pewter, Brown and Black.

I haven't seen these Mossimo Deann Cut-out Flats in person so it's hard to say but the odds are they aren't great. But they're only $19.99 and come in black, white and pewter.

These may be the worst. These Isaac Mizrahi Drew Open-Shank Ballet flats have a horrible shape to them. Ugh! They come in cream, red and black patent, as well as gold and silver "leaf" - each $29.99

These Xhilaration Sable Floral Ballet flats in the red pattern (also in a "ribbon tapestry" style, gold and black) aren't bad, they just aren't as cute as the ones I'm going to show below. They're $14.99.

The Good

But there are a number of shoes on there that I feel are really cute and have a lot of potential. Here are a few of my favorites.

I think these Merona Alice Slingbacks are very sharp. The patent could be tacky but in the picture they have a much higher end look than their $22.99 cost.

They have some cute new moccasins for spring but for a white version I prefer the Isaac Mizrahi Alysia Driving Moccasins in winter white. They're on clearance right now for $14.99 and also come in brown nubuck, black patent, silver, oxblood patent and broccoli patent (broccoli???). These are great to have in your car for driving instead of getting your nice shoes all dirty from the car pedals and mats.

I don't know why I like these Mizrahi Beth Peep-Toe Pumps in cream but I just do. They look very icy and sparkly. They're $29.99 and also come in black satin with black crystals.

I know strappy mary janes have been done but I think the shape of these is so good. I like that the straps are really low on the bridge of your foot too. They are Isaac Mizrahi Chris Mary Jane Pumps for $29.99 and come in cream patent gray, red patent and black.

Didn't I just say that I thought the Mizrahi Drew Print Ballet flats were hideous? Well, they are, but if you like the shape, I think you should get them in this pattern. It is graphic and interesting and hides the clunkiness. They're $29.99 if you like them.

Here are the cute new moccasins for Spring. They are the Mizrahi Gail Leather moccasins and I just love them. Typically I would get the pink version but I already have a pair of pink moccasins from last year (they also come in a great preppy green, a black and navy) but I think I prefer the yellow. They will go really well with my new JCrew Postcard cardigan. They're $29.99.

How designer-y and cute are these metallic Mossimo Daria Woven pumps? Perfect with jeans and sundresses and only $24.99.

I love espadrilles and wedges for Summer. These are so cute and cheap enough to be a seasonal item. They're only $22.99, have a cute floral pattern and also come in a coffee brown with a patterned ribbon. Xhilaration Tiki wedges.

A little animal print can go a long way, as we all know. Wear these kitten heels under jeans or pair them with opaque black hose now for a little roawwwrrrr action. This Mossimo Dierdre style comes in the leopard, brown, black, black patent, silver, gold and zebra print. $24.99.

And last, but not least, my favorites - the Mossimo Deann flats. When I was in high school I had these adorable peachy pink floral fabric flats from Gap. They were so cute and I just loved them. I totally wore them out but kept them for years because I loved them so much. These remind me of my original pair. I have to, have to get them! I'll wear them all summer with jeans and it will be like I'm back in my senior year of high school. Is that a good thing? Probably not, but the shoes were cute!

There you go, affordable but cute options from my favorite retailer. I know I tend to appear biased to higher end shoes but I do think Target (and Gap and Old Navy, etc.) can have some really inexpensive but very wearable styles.

So enjoy!


Anonymous said...

D*mn you, Princess Poochie! The money I saved on husband's Christmas gift has now been spend on more Isaac Mizrahi shoes. Fie on him for creating those lovely Mary Janes and fie on you for showing them to me! (I can't wait 'til they come in February...!!!)

Princess Poochie said...

Sorry about that!

: )

They aren't bad.


Daniela said...

I just ordered the sparkly flats featured previously as well as the Deann floral ballet flats prior to reading your post.

Thanks for the low-down on Loeffler Randall. They were much hyped about in the Jan issue of Oprah magazine and I briefly entertained the idea of ordering them. This is, unfortunately, the downside of living in the boonies (the nearest Target is an hour or so away.)

I think I had the ugly Mizrahi flats when I was about 7 or so. I have a pair of Mossimo heels similar to the giraffe ones (but in a matte black) with a closed toe - I think they're called Drew. Anyway, I don't like the toe box of their line. The distance from my toe to the ball of my foot is longer than their shoe allows. I've never had that problem before, but it only occurs in their heels. As an aside, I love the giraffe print. It is such a refreshing change from the leopard overload of late.

Princess Poochie said...

I like the giraffe too, but these were just clunky.

I haven't ordered the Deann flats yet. I really need to get in there and get them!


a said...

I spent yesterday in Target (I love your blend of higher end and Target/Gap staples...I dress the same way, although as a university student I cannot yet afford the Manolos...le sigh) and felt EXACTLY the same way about the first two pairs of flats mentioned! Tacky! I desperately want those driving mocs in yellow and/or pink and plan to order very soon. Love the blog!

Princess Poochie said...

They had a ton of stuff on clearance, didn't they. I used my Christmas gift card on a new bag for my laptop/work and stuff. I've got to place my shoes order too.

There are few Mizrahi tops that are very JCrew-esque too.